The theme for TEDxMaplesMetSchool is Passion. Passion, described by Merriam Webster as “Intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction.” What drives you? What makes you so excited that you cannot keep still? Or maybe you don’t know what it is yet.

Subthemes are:

Relevance: How does your passion related to you, your community, your city, and your country? How does it connect to the people around you?

Rigour: What work did it take to get you here? What work would you have to do to get you where you want to be?

Relationships: Who have you worked with on when you worked on your passion or when you were still looking for it? Who has been a great influence in shaping you and your passion?


9:00 Opening Performance – School of Rock

9:20 Introductions – Iffy & Ryan

9:30 Speaker 1 – Osani Balkaran

9:50 Speaker 2 – Luana Moar

10:10 Break

10:40 Speaker 3 – Diogo Iwasaki

11:00 Speaker 4 – Nikolaus Reichert

11:20 Student Panel – An Education Review

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Canned Talk – Emilie Wapnick (12 minute talk)

1:20 Speaker 5 – Vanessa Navarro

1:40 Speaker 6 – Marley Pauls

2:00 Break

2:20 Canned TED Talk – Greta Thuneberg (11 minute talk)

2:30 Performance – Phoebe Pedrina

2:45 Speaker 7 – Rhianna Cohen

3:05 Closing Remarks

3:15 Ending


Ify Chiwetelu

Ify Chiwetelu has always had a passion for creativity, which she temporarily forgot during a brief stint in the corporate world. Since leaving the world of corporate finance behind, Ify has carved a career as an arts facilitator, stand-up comic, improv performer, and comedy writer. She has written for CBC COMEDY and contributed to Seasons 2 and 3 of the hit television show Baroness Von Sketch. These days you can hear Ify asking personal questions, jumping into difficult situations, and laughing lots, as host of Now or Never on CBC Radio

Ryan Spence

Ryan Christopher Spence was born in Winnipeg on May 25th to parents Karen and Darryl Spence. Right away he was surrounded by the Métis culture through music. He began to play the fiddle when he was around 5 years old. Quickly he discovered that he had a passion for that instrument, after much trial and error, practice and help from various musicians Ryan became able to play for dances, entertain and was able to play some of the hardest fiddle tunes out there. When he turned 13 Ryan became interested in guitar and for christmas that year he received an electric guitar and he’s been practicing to be good enough to start a band ever since. Ryan joined the Maples Met in grade 9 and immediately he knew that an internship involving music would be highly beneficial to his knowledge. He found a business called School of Rock and teamed up with them to put on a benefit concert for the Seven Oaks Performing Arts Centre where he raised over $1500. He know has a seat and a bench at the Performing Arts Centre with a plaque with his name engraved. Now Ryan can be found at his internship at UMFM where he has a radio show on every week or at Hamm-Tone School of Luthier where he is working on creating a fiddle.